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Driving Value Beyond Price

Understand what drives consumers’ perception of value in the COVID-19 environment

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Exclusive Insights

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in U.S. consumers spending $100 less per person at restaurants in the last three months. How they interact with foodservice has dramatically changed. Manufacturers, distributors, and operators want to know if the core motivations for restaurant visits and the prices consumers will pay for the experience they expect have also changed. Our new report, Driving Value Beyond Price, explores consumers’ perceptions of value in foodservice and the price points at which their expectations may be realized.

It’s a new source of insight into the core motivations of consumers’ restaurant visits. You’ll discover not only the key areas of the restaurant experience to emphasize right now, but also the challenges that certain segments of the industry may face in driving value.

Business Benefits

  • Discover whether the core motivations for restaurant visitation have changed so you can succinctly communicate strategies that will address consumers’ needs
  • Understand what drives value today and determine the attributes to focus on in order to effectively position your brand relative to competition
  • Identify the price points that drive satisfaction and revisit intent to aid in determining pricing strategies that will not only drive check, but also frequency

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Industry Expertise
The foodservice landscape is shifting around the globe. The supply chain is evolving, consumer needs and tastes are changing, the channels offering foodservice are plentiful, and technology is enabling convenience and service at the speed of light.

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