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Mobile gamers spent an average of 10 hours per week gaming in 2021 – that’s 2 more hours each week vs. 2020, and 4 hours more than 2019!

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The 2022 Mobile Gaming Report examines the state of the U.S and Canadian mobile gaming market. It provides new data and expert insights on gaming habits (players aged 2+), market performance trends, and notable happenings of the past year. The analysis includes three sections:

  • Market Gaming Market Summary: Explore the top mobile stories and trends of 2021 from an analyst perspective, plus get the latest insights on the mobile games market in terms of the number of active gamers (overall and devices used) and revenue performance.
  • Mobile Gamer Profiles: Dig into active mobile gamers’ habits, preferences, and motivations. Get total market views and profiles by demographic audience.
  • Mobile Genre Profiles: Look at the mobile gaming market by genre and subgenre. Compare performance of different types of mobile games and benefit from profiles of their players.

Drive your mobile gaming strategy

Gain a complete perspective on how and why U.S. and Canadian consumers interact with mobile games. Discover new data and analysis on gaming habits and market performance trends.

The 2022 Mobile Gaming Report answers these critical business questions:

  • How are consumers’ habits and preferences changing?
  • How is the mobile gaming market growing?
  • What recent trends have driven changes in mobile gaming?
  • Which genres are most successful?
  • What devices are active gamers using? How does that compare to 2019?

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