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Eating Patterns in America

Everything you need to know about food and beverage consumption in the U.S., to support your data-driven growth

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Changes in consumer behavior continue at a dizzying pace. Eating Patterns in America from The NPD Group chronicles these changes, informed by the most diverse and comprehensive range of data assets assembled into a single resource. It provides a 360-degree view of food and beverage consumption behavior, both in-home and away ― the foundation for understanding what has transpired and anticipating what’s ahead. Get the deepest food and beverage consumption data, plus expert analyst insight on how health and nutrition trends, demographic shifts, economic factors, and more affect the retail food, foodservice, and home industries.

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Eating Patterns in America gives you the deepest and most comprehensive view of in-home and away-from-home food and beverage consumption. It also explores how world health and nutrition trends, demographic shifts, and economic factors affect the food and foodservice industries.

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