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As the entertainment marketplace becomes increasingly competitive across categories, books featuring popular characters from movies, TV, games, toys, and lifestyle brands are a key component of growth. Our new U.S. Licensed Book Market Service gives you access to best-in-class data on quarterly branded book sales using NPD BookScan, the gold standard in point-of-sale (POS) tracking for the publishing market.

Explore the latest insights on licensed data in U.S. books:

How large is the U.S. kids' licensed book market?

More than 1 in every 4 kids’ books sold is licensed

How many licensed book units were sold in 2021?

133.5M Units (+9% vs. 2020)

What were the MSRP dollar sales for licensed books in 2021?

$2.1B (+8% vs. 2020)

Fastest-growing Non-literary Kids' Licenses

  1. Bluey
  2. Pokémon
  3. Little Blue Truck
  4. Minecraft
  5. Raya and the Last Dragon

Source: The NPD Group/NPD BookScan™ License Reporting, 52 WE January 1, 2022

Top Non-literary Licenses

  1. Harry Potter
  2. National Geographic
  3. Disney
  4. Star Wars
  5. Paw Patrol

Source: The NPD Group/NPD BookScan™ License Reporting, 52 WE January 1, 2022

"Licensing is a crucial segment of the book publishing business, especially where kids are concerned.”

In today’s connected world, kids will follow their favorite characters across many types of media, and in a noisy shopping environment, a familiar character is often an easy pick for both parents and kids looking for the next book purchase. Traditionally, books have been a fertile source for film and TV properties. However, now licensing is just as likely to happen in the other direction. By bringing popular licenses from other platforms into books, license owners can more easily and cost-effectively extend their branding into another high-value format.”

Kristen McLean
Industry Analyst, U.S. Books
The NPD Group

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